Kodak Price Increase Coming on ALL FILMS

Nov 29, 2019
3 min read

Time to stock-up your favorite Kodak film before the price increase coming on January 1st 2020 !

Kodak Alaris has just announced to its distributors that all films, consumers and professional range, will endure a significant price jump effective next year.

They explain this raise by the unexpected spike in demand for their films worldwide and have an unprecedented level of backorders that they won’t be able to honour because the component’s price to produce their film has increased to a point where Kodak can no longer absorb the cost.

Overall we have seen the level of customer back orders increase to an unprecedented level, we understand this creates a difficult issue for our customers and end users but film production has been limited by a finite supply of one of the key components used to produce film.
Kodak Alaris’s film supply comes from a single dedicated supplier, we are beholden to this supplier for all the film we sell across the world. 

Another reason for this price increase is because they are now using air shipping to help fulfilling their orders at a faster pace but this comes at a cost.

The good news is that Kodak Alaris’s supplier has already planned ahead to increase their production capacity and hopefully be able to keep up with demand starting in 2020 and we should see the fulls benefits of the investments in 2021.

These investments seems essential for the survival of their productions lines and secure their capabilities in producing all films stocks to keep up with the demande for their consumer and professional range.

We have had to prioritise production of the most important film types, for example Professional film which is critical to many Professional Photographers. Overall we have seen the level of customer back orders increase to an unprecedented level

Fujifilm also raised their prices recently, especially on consumer films and I’ve noticed on my end an important price jump on materials to make our Street Candy Film but so far we’ve been able to absorb it. Hopefully we won’t have to make such an announcement so soon!

This was made public by my friends at Kamerastore.com and Juho from Camera Rescue.

Even though it may seem like a bad news, we have to read beyond and celebrate that film photography has never been so strong since the digital take over. Kodak are playing their role in the whole film chain and pave the future so we can still choose from many emulsions in the next years.

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2 Replies to “Kodak Price Increase Coming on ALL FILMS”

  1. Im glad that Kodak is planning to keep film around for years to come. I love film and the 20% increase is only about $1.50-2.00 more per 5 pack anyways.

    I shoot 120 and intend to keep shooting it for years to come.

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