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Dec 11, 2019

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Dec 10, 2019
2 min read

Launching of Kodak EKTACHROME E100 in 120 & 4×5

Two years after the initial rebirth, Kodak has just dropped the bomb and officially released Ektachrome E100 in 120 and 4x5 sheets. Here's a copy of their press release: INTRODUCING EKTACHROME E100 120! ROCHESTER, N

Dec 9, 2019
4 min read

I Shot a Roll of Portra 800 by Or Sachs

My name is Or Sachs, I am a 33 year old teacher who lives in Israel. For years now I have been drawn to the fringes of different scenes. I have found myself coming back to the punk and metal music scene of my youth. I f

Dec 3, 2019
10 min read

HOW TO: Sunny 16 & Zone Focus on a Leica M3

The recent acquisition of a Leica M3 has taken my film photography journey to a new destination! I honestly never thought that shooting a 60 years old camera, offering only the bare essentials to take pictures, would bring someth

Dec 2, 2019
5 min read

I Shot a Roll of Portra 800 by Holly Ferris

I recently started my film journey again after a long, 12 year break. I started my career shooting film (35mm) but then as times changed I went digital with the rest of the world. In October, I purchased my first medium forma

Nov 29, 2019
3 min read

Kodak Price Increase Coming on ALL FILMS

Time to stock-up your favorite Kodak film before the price increase coming on January 1st 2020 ! Kodak Alaris has just announced to its distributors that all films, consumers and professional range, will endure a significa

Nov 25, 2019
6 min read

Yerevan, Armenia on a Zenit 122 and Zorki 4K By Robert L Weitzner

When I first had the chance to visit Armenia and it’s capital Yerevan, I had no idea the impact this city, one of the oldest in the world, would have on the rest of my life. My plan was to stay only three days, absorbing

Nov 18, 2019
6 min read

Pushing Kodak T-MAX 400 to 1600 ISO

Back in 2018, on a rainy day off while travelling across Portugal, we stayed for a while in a little town nearby Lisbon. On that day we were looking for some sort of indoor activity to spend some time and figured that visitin

Nov 13, 2019
2 min read

Another Round of Ferrania P30 Out In The wild

Here's a news that will spark joy among the aficionados of black & white cine film! Ferrania is coming up with a third fresh batch of their resurrected Ferrania P30. In case you missed your chance on the two previous batc

Nov 12, 2019
6 min read

Another Hasselblad NASA Special Edition is for Sale

For once I'm stepping out of my waters to dive back into the digital world for a moment and talk about an(other) Hasselblad NASA Special Edition camera that's just been listed on the eBay. Ladies & Gents, let me introduce the

Nov 5, 2019
3 min read

I Shot a Roll of Agfa Vista 400 by Florian Merlet

Finding your daily film stock is one of the many questions I came across. I started with the classic google search “best 35mm colour film stock”… As you can imagine, I have concluded from this research that Portra 400 w


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