Introducing Lomography Fant么me Kino B&W ISO 8 Film

Mar 26, 2020
2 min read

A bit of light coming from Lomography in these tormented times with a new film announcement! Ladies and gents, please met the Fant么me Kino B&W ISO 8 Film!

Photo by Nopawach Gajajiva

The Fant么me Kino is the last addition to the Kino B&W Film family and taken from an old german cinema film that comes with lots of contrast and deep shadows.

While this super slow ISO 8 may not suits everyone style of shooting, Lomography describes it as “perfect for pinhole, striking portraits or gritty street scene snaps”.

I never tried such a slow speed film myself, but if I get a chance to shot it I would certainly play with long exposure in day light without requiring an ND filter or shoot some portraits wide open in play daylight.

When shooting with such a slow ISO emulsion, it’s recommended to pay extra attention to exposure by ensuring that your lens has a fast enough aperture to feed the beast with a decent amount of light. You’ll also need a camera that allow full manual control to select such a slow ISO for the meter reading or use an external light meter. In case of dark scene or even in plain day light don’t hesitate to pop your flash to fill-up the shadows.


  • Film Type: Panchromatic Black & White
  • ISO: 8
  • DX CODE: No
  • Format: 35 mm
  • Processing: Standard Black and White Process
  • Price: 8.9 USD

Fant么me Kino ISO 8 Developing Chart

Here are the development times for different developers intended for hand agitation or machine rotation:

Kodak D96standard20掳C6 mins 30s
Kodak HC 110B20掳C7 mins
Ilford Ilfosol 31+920掳C10 mins 30s
Compard R091+5020掳C8 mins
Tetenal Ausgleichsen- twicklerstandard23掳C9 mins

Fant么me Kino Samples

The Fant么me Kino B&W Film is available to preorder with a 20% discount and estimated delivery of June 2020.

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