I Shot a Roll of Kodak TX400 by Renars Matvejs

Mar 6, 2019
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Kodak TX400 is one of THE MOST well known Kodak B&W films, made for high contrast and low, well managed grain at a high speed of 400 iso. Particularly great for portraits because of the hight contrast and well suited for street photography, thanks to it’s high speed.

Correct exposure is necessary to get optimal results, slight over or under exposure wont affect the image too much, but over exposed image while still usable might loose a lot of contrast and an underexposed image looses shadow detail rapidly. On even overcast lighting contrast is lost, but a lot of shadow detail is gained.

This was the film I started my photography with and it was a great start, altgough quite expensive compared to the competition. The closes film to this might be the Ilford XP2 in my opinion which is slightly cheaper and with similar performance, but C-41 (color film) developing process.

These pictures were shot in mostly cloudy, overcast days, but keeping the shutter speed 1/3 bellow what the camera reads amde for contrasty images with saturated blacks.

Camera used: Fujica St705w paired with the Fujinon 55mm f1.8-35mm film format shot within 2 days and kept refrigerated.

Renars Matvejs 

You can find more about my work my Instagram @spuktalion

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