I Shot a Roll of Cinestill 800 by Andrea Inés

Apr 6, 2019
2 min read

My name is Andrea Inés and here are my Top 5 Tips to get the most out of Cinestill 800T


Neons will always look good with Cinestill, specially the red ones

Tungsten lights

Well, Cinestill 800T it’s because of its tungsten balanced chemistry. Those can be found at night in any street, and that is why this film is so ideal to document night life

Just at night or in interiors

As with any tungsten balanced film, if it is used in daylight situations you will just end up with blueish photos

Beware with light leaks

This film is really sensitive to light, and its metal chasis is not 100% light proof. So make sure to keep the roll inside the black container so as to avoid any light leaks on the first shots. Or don’t 🙂

Don’t leave it on the camera for more than a month

Its emultion kind of “gets dry” and some of the last photos of the roll might end up with blue/green lines#6 – Push, push, push. If you want to try pushing its ISO to 1600 or 3200, go for it. The results are amazing with barely no grain.

These tips come from an article I did a few weeks ago in Spanish. https://andreainesfotografia.com/2019/01/30/como-usar-cinestill-800-todo-lo-que-necesitas-saber/

This roll was shot on a Canon A1 50mm 1.4. You can find more about my work my site andreainesfotografia.com and my Instagram @andreainesfotografia 

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3 Replies to “I Shot a Roll of Cinestill 800 by Andrea Inés”

  1. Nice article. For some reason the first few photos came out compressed horizontally. I’ve heard people complain about color fringes as this film has had the rem jet backing it was designed to use removed. Did you notice a problem?

    1. Hi Mike,

      Thanks a lot for your comment on the Cinestill article.

      Would you mind sending me a screenshot at ishoot@onfilmonly.com along with information about your operating system and web browser so I can pass this on to my developer.

      About your question, I’ve never seen these fringes on my own CS shots but heard about it.

      Thanks in advance and hope to see again on the blog.



  2. thanks for review. it was very informative for me. am thinking about a Yashika T, which version? I don’t know yet, but I’ll find my way. I shared also this article on my Face Book profile.

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