Your Next Kodak Film is on the House

Oct 29, 2019
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What if I told you that your next Kodak roll is on us??

When I started the “I Shot a Roll of...” series a few months ago, I never thought it would lead me to this opportunity of supporting fellow film photographers. The initial idea behind this series was to gather articles showcasing the look of each film stocks and link them to the new version of the Film Dating. The whole point was to enrich the result page of each film stock with samples shot by different people to show the look and characteristics of each film. The response has been really encouraging – so far we’ve already gathered 33 articles covering a wide range of films – and I’d like to thank everyone who’s been participating in the success of this series so far!

Then I gave myself a little break during the summer to take care of our newborn son but now it’s time to get back to work and take this series to the next stage with two other exciting announcements 🥳

Free Film !

Those of you who follow me on Instagram have probably seen the little teaser I posted a few weeks ago. For those of you who are not up to date, the Film God (aka Kodak) has been very generous and provided me with a large quantity of films to distribute among fellow film photographers who want to participate in the “I Shot a Roll of...” series.

I couldn’t believe when I opened that box and saw so many rolls covering most of their catalog and it’s even more exciting to know that these will be used to support your next photographic project!! HUGE Thanks to Kodak for sending all these rolls over 🙏

Free Processing !

The second announcement I’m really pumped about is that two renowned film labs have also decided to join the journey and will process these rolls for you, for FREE! Yes, it’s finally your chance to give a try to a pro lab if you haven’t yet and get the most of your negatives.

The first lab who go in touch was the famous Carmencita Film Lab in Spain who’s well known among wedding and fine-art photographers. Then we have my long time friends at Nation Photo from Paris who recently expanded their online film processing service to Europe and also opened a third processing lab in Paris.

Both labs will handle the processing and scanning of your roll. Processing can be anything from color, slide or black and white. They can also handle pushed film or even cross process it if that’s your thing.

Because both labs offer different services, here’s exactly what you get from each:


  • Location: Valencia, Spain
  • Development + M Size Scan (Print up to 20x30cm)
  • Personalised editing with Carmencita special tool
  • More info at /looks
  • Return of the negatives not included
  • Carmencita FAQ


  • Location: Paris, France
  • Development + HD Scan (Print up to 30x45cm)
  • RAW or corrected scans
  • Return of the negatives included
  • Nation Photo FAQ

Who can participate ?

We are looking for creative film photographers with an interesting project in mind and who are comfortable in sharing their thoughts and experience with our readers. We want to know what you like or not about the film, the gear you used and all your little secrets to get the most out of of each frames.

Your project can be anything from a studio shooting, holiday hiking trip, cat portrait series, creative process (pushing, cross processing, film soup etc…), to shooting the roll on an exotic camera for example. It’s really open to anyone with an idea and an inspiring portfolio.

Open worldwide ?

Yes and No. Anyone around the world is eligible to receive a free roll from me. The only catch, for now, is about the free lab processing which is only open to European participants as my partner labs only cover this part of the world.

As I’m writing those lines, I’m trying to get more labs onboard who can cover other parts of the world. Meanwhile, if you’re living outside Europe and can have it processed by your own means, I’m more than happy to send you the film anyway.

What’s expected from you ?

Congrats, you’ve been selected and a free roll of film is heading your way!

The next step is to shoot it as soon as you can and send it to the lab you’ve chosen within two weeks. From here, you can expect to get your scans within 7-10 days. Meanwhile, you can start writing a few lines (300 words is the bare minimum) that will go along with your pictures and wrap it up once you get them back from the lab. I’m aiming to have your article published within a month after sending the roll. This can of course be discussed depending on the nature of your project and availability but one month turn around time should give you plenty of time.

What about copyrights and stuff ?

Taking part of the “I Shot a Roll of …” series grants to On Film Only, Kodak and the chosen partner lab the right to use and share your work, with credits, for promotional purposes on their site and various social media platforms. Your text may also be used, quoted or translated to be used on their platforms as well. That being said, the images remain yours and cannot be used for commercial purposes without your consent.

Available films to try

Here are all the Kodak films and formats you can choose from:

Can I get more than one roll ?

Yes, absolutely! I’m happy to send you a second roll for another shooting as long as you are committed to share your results and find enough time to write the lines for a second article. This can also be an opportunity to do a side by side comparison of two film stocks for example but you’re free to dispose of them as it pleases you.

Where can I apply ?

If you think your profil tick those boxes, fill-up the application form below to introduce yourself, your idea, choose the film and lab you’d prefer. I’ll review all applications myself and decide on how the film is being distributed among the most interesting ideas.

I Shot a Roll of... Application Form
Stay up to date and receive news from On Film Only from time to time

I’m really looking forward to see where this is going to bring us and can’t wait to start going through all your applications!

I’ll conclude by thanking Kodak, Carmencita and Nation Photo for their support and giving us the amazing opportunity to create something all together!

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  1. Hi Vincent,

    I know you may be busy.
    Just as a reminder, few days ago I have emailed you after reading this amazing project and would love to take part of myself by shooting a couple of films.
    Also I would love to email you about a proposal of a project I have in mind for a while which would involve or catch the interest and attention of many amateur and pro photographers from the globe.

    Anything, please do not hesitate to email.

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