Tag: CineStill 800

Apr 6, 2019
2 min read

I Shot a Roll of Cinestill 800 by Andrea Inés

My name is Andrea Inés and here are my Top 5 Tips to get the most out of Cinestill 800 Neons! Neons will always look good with Cinestill, specially the red ones Tungsten lights. Well, Cinestill 800T it's b

Mar 26, 2019
1 min read

I Shot a Roll of Cinestill 800 by Karol Malecki

I'm Karol Malecki, a film photographer based in Poland Cinematic mood - this is quintessence of Cinestill 800t. When I used it first time on medium format camera I fell in love very quickly. I enjoy how it works with red l

Mar 16, 2017
5 min read

Pushing & Developing Colour Film

I finally did it! After sitting in my fridge for a few months, I managed to developed myself a roll of CineStill 800 pushed two stops at 3200 ISO and the results look great! It was intimidating at first but I was being overly