On Film Only Weekly Talents #Cinestill800T

Apr 12, 2020
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For this third edition of our Weekly Talents, we’re taking a look at the most popular high speed colour film: Cinestill 800T !

On Film Only Weekly Talents #Cinestill800T

If you’re new to film and this is the first time you hear about Cinestill, let me introduce the beast:

CineStill 800 Tungsten is a motion picture film that has been transformed to be use for still photography and processed in standard C41 chemistry (motion picture films are processed in special chemistry called ECN-2).

This film shines where other colours films can struggle and is designed to be shot in difficult light situations lit with tungsten lights. It also works very well in plain day light if you balance it with a warm colour filter to compensate with the blue tones of the Tungsten white balance and get accurate colours with a cinematic feel.

One of the unique characteristics of the 800T and makes recognisable among any other film stocks, is the halo it creates around any red light source and that’s why it works so well in night time urban scenes or neon lights.

It’s also a very flexible film that can be pushed up to 3200 ISO without problem and still deliver excellent results like you can see the video below:

Now that you’ve been introduced to our guest star, let’s take a look at 15 inspiring photos captured on Cinestill 800T

Best 15 Pictures Shot on CineStill 800T

Tension & désir | Palace : Renaissance | Metz, 2020

Confession Motel | Canon A1

North Bowl | Nikon FM2n

186,282 mi/s | Contax G2

Taxi Driver On Acid | Contax G2

Toronto by Night

The Casino Express | Canon A1

Man Mo Temple, HK | Olympus XA2

Midnight Pull-up @santibabyyy  | Canon F1

Night Drive

Birmingham, UK | Pentax MX


Flower of sex | Canon AE1

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