New B&W Film! Lomography Berlin Kino 400

Nov 7, 2018
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Exciting news coming from Lomography, who just launched another black & white film: The Lomography Black & White 400 35mm Berlin Kino !!

Lomography Berlin Kino 400 35mm roll packaging

Taken from a roll made by a mysterious German company who’s been making film for the cinema industry since more than 100 years now! You can expect beautiful contrast, nice tonalities of grays and a very delicate grain for a classic old movie look.

It’s made from a panchromatic emulsion with a standard 400 ISO but according to Lomo’ it can be pushed up to 3200 ISO and still retain good details and a wide tonal range. Will update the article as soon as I have more details about dilution and developing times.

Like with Street Candy, it always amazes me to see that there are still some film out there waiting to be discovered. However, I’m not sure at the moment I write those lines that if it’s a fresh stock or an old roll from a discontinued film. Waiting to hear from Lomo about that but I think we know the answer. Chances are that’s a discontinued film and stock won’t last forever like with some of their other exotic films.

UPDATE: LomographyUSA just confirmed on this Instagram post that the initial batch will be limited but they are working on getting fresh stock. Not a discontinued film after all but we don’t if it’s an exclusivity or if this film is available under other brands…

Price is at 8.90 $/€ for a 36 exposure roll. Pre-orders are already open on and shipping will start early December 2018.

While we wait, here are some samples with beautiful portraits and street life shot on the new Berlin Kino shared by Lomography.

I’m really excited about trying this new film and it makes me want to shoot more portraits, which is a great thing considering that’s not an exercise I’m usually comfortable with!

Congrats again to Lomography for your continuous effort in surprising us and apparently we expect more from them soon as they are busy working on the next project in the lab. To be continued…

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