LomoChrome Metropolis – It’s bold, it’s cold, I’m sold!

Jul 16, 2019
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Lomography has just introduced a new punk in the LomoChrome family! Please welcome METROPOLIS XR 100-400 Film 👏👏👏

Metropolis definitely has the LomoChrome DNA in its genes and stands out from any other film with a unique colour palette and a bold look. Contrast is strong, shadows are deep and tones shifted on the cold side. Combined with muted colours, it gives to Metropolis a grungy cinematic look that brings a new flavour to urban photography.

A Brand New Film

Unlike their Color Negative F²/400 this isn’t an old stock aged in oak barrels, instead Metropolis is the result of a brand new colour emulsion directly coming from the Lomography film manufactory.

Like with the other Lomochrome films, Metropolis has an extended exposure range, allowing the photographer to be more flexible in shooting it and change the ISO mid-roll. According to Lomography overexposing a stop or two, will result in softer contrast and even more muted colors, while shooting it on 400 will make the contrasts pop more and increase the saturation. 

“…an audacious, fearless and daring color film.”

While its strong aesthetic may not suit every style of shooting, Metropolis is bringing some fresh air and opens a whole new world of opportunities to experimental photographers who like to play with expired and crossed-processed film.


  • Extended 100–400 ISO range
  • Standard C-41 development
  • Daylight balanced (5000K)
  • Fine grain structure
  • Muted colours
  • High contrast, deep shadows
  • Optimized sharpness for fine details


From day one, Metropolis will be available in 35mm (36 exposures), 120 and 110.

Lomography didn’t stop here and pushed it one step further by making it in 16mm motion picture film which is a first in recent history and also an excellent surprise for Super 16 videographers, who I’m sure will be thrilled to get a new film look!


The get the first batch of Metropolis ready, Lomography has just launched their 11th KickStarter campaign where you can pre-order it starting today with a 25% discount for the first backers.

Ship out to backers is expected in February 2020 so we’ll have to be a little patient to get our hands on the first rolls!

More Samples

Credit Lomography

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