I Shot a Roll of Silbersalz35 200t in Chernobyl

Jul 4, 2019
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Earlier this year I went Kiev in Ukraine and a friend of mine who was joining me, convinced me to do a day trip to Chernobyl. On the day of the trip, I took with me a Leica M6 and a 28mm Summicron, which was the only lens I shot with during the whole trip. I simply love the focal length and it surely is all I need when traveling.

My film of choice was Silbersalz35 200t which is based on Kodak Vision 3 200t. It’s a motion picture film stock that was designed to be shot in tungsten light but can also be used in normal daylight without any issues. It’s recommended to use a 85b filter to compensate when shooting in daylight but I’ve never done that. You can easily fix the blue color cast in post or you can leave it the way it turns out and embrace to cooler color tones.

However, the best thing about Silbersalz35 is that they develop their films in ECN-2 chemicals which results in awesome colors and a lovely latitude. They also use a movie film scanner that spits out 16 bit TiFF files which are great for color grading. And the best part about the whole process is that developing and scanning is already included when you buy one of their films.

When shooting Vision 3 films, it’s highly recommended to rate them one stop over. When you shoot 200t at ASA 100 you will get beautiful results and you could easily overexpose the film even more and you’ll still get very nice results. The film has very fine grain and the results look really sharp. Currently, this is my favorite 35mm color film stock and I can’t wait to shoot more of it very soon.

My name is Robin and I am a film shooter based in Germany. Over the years I’ve travelled a lot doing mostly street photography. I am also running a Youtube channel where you can find a lot of videos with me shooting film all over the world. My channel’s name is the_real_sir_robin which is also my username on Instagram.

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