I Shot a Roll of Revelog Kolor by Christian Paul

May 6, 2019
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Hey!  My name is Christian and I’ve shot a roll of Revelog Kolor.

I thought this would be a fun film to use to take urban shots in San Francisco, twist things up a little bit.  According to Revolog, “Kolor film is everybody’s favourite! This film adds a rainbow of colours – including red, blue, orange, green, pink, turquoise, and more – to all of your pictures. The added colours vary throughout each 
roll, so different frames will have different hues and gradients, giving your pictures an unexpected pop of colour. The Kolor film will even make a donkey look like a unicorn.”

My review of it is as follows.  I found it to be nice and sharp as you could expect from a pre-exposed rebranded Kodak film, ISO 200, so I suspect Gold.  It is the “consumer” level of sharpness, where if you get the focus right, the photos will be sharp, accentuated by the grain.  It is very pleasing that way.  From here you can see my 5 favourites I got of this roll.

However I was disappointed when I received the results, after having relied on film for shots of the city, and then not loving the results. This film was fun to shoot, yet appealed more to me on their website than it did in real life. 

What I found is that the effect really over powers the film. There is almost no detail that can be retained in shadows, it reminded me of shooting slide film and loosing the shadow detail.  I would only recommend shooting this around noon, in harsh lighting, that seemed to be best. 

With the examples below, we can see that the effect can also be overpowering at times, blowing your photo out, or at other times very subtle.  It said results will vary, the effect will be more pronounced if underexposed and more subtle if over exposed. It was an interesting film, but I don’t think I would ever shoot it again.

I shot on my Canon AE-1, with a 28-85 f4 canon lens.  I metered and shot at box speed of 200. 

I’m Christian Paul and you can find on Instagram

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