I Shot a Roll of Provia 100F by Denys Trofimchuk

Mar 7, 2019
2 min read

 Do you like vivid colors that pop? Are you a fan of fine grain and sharp images? Then look no further than color slide film, Fujifilm Provia 100F in particular!

 The first film I have ever shot was a roll of Provia 100F on a borrowed Holga 120 and, despite the limitations of the camera, it was gorgeous. And it got me hooked ever since.

My slide film of choice is Provia 100F. It has an ability to reproduce colors beautifully, with a slight magenta cast, that, if it bothers you, can be tweaked in Lightroom. It is also incredibly sharp, almost on par with Velvia 50 but still retaining that film look. I shoot most of my portraits and some car photography with it and always happy with the results.

From personal experience, with plenty of sunshine, it works even better. It also can be pushed safely one or two stops, which gives the film even more saturated look.

As with most slide films, there are issues with the dynamic range. And although Provia 100F is quite forgiving, I would not recommend to use it in the scenes with more than 2 stops difference, unless you don’t mind the loss of the detail. 

All of those were shot on a Nikon N90.

An honorable mention goes to Kodak Ektachrome, both new and old, and Fujifilm Provia 400X — you can find some examples online. 

Cheers and happy shooting!

Denys Trofimchuk 

You can find more about my work my site denysphoto.com and follow me on Instagram @denysphoto

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