I Shot a Roll of LomoChrome Purple XR 100-400

I want to share my experience of using the new emulsion released LomoChrome Purple XR 100-400 which allows you to shoot in 100-400 ISO conditions. Finally, I got a chance to try it out! The very good thing about this film is that it doesn’t require E6 as it looks from the first sight – development process is C41 which is possible in particularly all photo-labs. 

What Is Lomochrome Purple?

LomoChrome film is a response to legendary Kodak Aerochrome – a.k.a Ektachrome Professional Infrared / EIR. EIR is E6 process film with vivid red/pink/purple colour pallet. Just like Kodak, LomoCrome Purple is completely unpredictable how it changes world and makes it more magical. Going back to the roots – infrared film – Aerochrome was created for military weather monitoring: film was meant to turn greens in red or pink depending on the filter used, because red is the colour of danger!

How really colours change?

Here you can see how colours changes comparing to a natural colours, standard film. I have never experienced such a bright colour inversions and lies in photographs. World through LomoChrome is completely different and full of weird explanations because everything that is green becomes aqua, minty and baby blue, pink overlays on basically all colour pallet, violet and purple tones colours skin, sky and water.

Flexible ISO

The higher the ISO, the more vividness you can see on your shots. For example, with ISO 100 colours will be more pale whereas shot at ISO 400 colours will be more vivid and spicy!

My Camera

For this roll, I used my newly love Canonet G-III QL17 – it has perfect lenses which gave this bright and vivid look on a photographs! I shoot film in kayaks trip to see how nature colours are changed and in brutal architecture city – Bucharest.

More Lomochrome Purple samples

Take a look or better, give it a try. 

I am Marija Cerniavskaite, photography artist from Lithuania, together with my partner we are building an analog photography community and shop, you can check it here: www.kadrukadras.lt

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