I Shot a Roll of Kodak TX400 by Florian Tourneux

Mar 29, 2019
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A few years ago I went to Roma a bit before Easter. In my bag I chose to carry not only my old DSLR but something much older: my Hasselblad 500 C/M and a CF 50 Distagon F/4 FLE.

Walking the most of the time, from a church to another, from a touristic spot to a hidden place, he shared the kilometres with me. And I carried it because the Hasselblad isn’t quite exactly lightweight.

I decided to bring along some Kodak Tri-X, basically because I already was using it in 135 format, and I was enjoying the greys tonalities and its way to render shadows.

Usually, this film is given a sensibility of 400 ISO but I exposed it at 320, and under developed by 15% using Kodak D76 at 1+3. This developer has never failed to disappoint me and is know for its reliability and tolerance. This also helped at retaining details in both highlights and shadows, which renders textures beautifully. Combined with the razor sharp CF 50 Distagon, this made one of the project I’m the most proud of.

Carrying my Hassy around the streets of Roma was a great experience to develop my eye as a photographer but also take another approach to documentary and street photography.

At the end, this project was for me a true revelation, primary, everything mingled. I can say that’s the first photo project that I’m proud of and in which some other people trusted and enjoyed it.

Have I to say my poor DSLR didn’t make many shots and, even worst, they had never been showed so happy I was by the analogue.

You can find more about this series on my work on my website and Instagram.

Florian Tourneux

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