I Shot a Roll of Kodak TX400 on Rolleicord V by Andrea Bianchi

Jan 8, 2020
2 min read

Thanks to the amazing work of On Film Only, the generosity of Kodak and Nation Photo lab, I got the chance to try for the first time a roll of Kodak Tri-X 400. Before shoting, I already knew that people praised this film for its very pleasant grain texture and its contrast rendering, so I decided to shot the architecture and landscape of Matera, my hometown, with a particular focus on testing the limits and capabilities of the film itself. I wasn’t disappointed.

Matera is a city placed in south Italy, it is the third oldest city still inhabited of the world. Initially it was made up of a bunch of caves, later the population started to dig and build houses, but always according to the natural morphology of the place, making it a unique place in all of Italy. The weather is sunny across all the year, so the light is usually hard and perfect for black and white pictures.

I exposed for the highlights, overexposing them by 1 stop, so I could still obtain details in the shadows

I shot during the day, but I tried to include high-contrast situations in every frame, with shadows and highlights. Since it was the first time, I played it safe: I exposed for the highlights, overexposing them by 1 stop, so I could still obtain details in the shadows. The photos were taken with a Rolleicord V, and had them processed and scanned by Nation Photo. They did an excellent job. Usually I scan my film myself, but this time the quality obtained by Nation Photo made this step unnecessary.

The pictures are exactly what I wanted: I was able to recover the details in the sky as much as those in the shadows, the final result is a series of pictures with an amazing contrast without sacrificing texture and details. Even the grey tones are smooth and not compromised, I think they add depth and personality to every picture.

In conclusion, I can say this film fits perfectly with my hometown’s landscapes and buildings, the grain is very fine and pleasant, and the film doesn’t have any issues with high-contrast light condition. I will definitely use it more in the future.

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