I Shot a Roll of Kodak Gold 200 by Renars Matvejs

Mar 6, 2019
2 min read

Kodak Gold is the second of two cheap Kodak film stocks only available in 35mm rolls. Very similar in performance to the ColorPlus 200 film and with an unnoticeable difference in most situations. This film is medium speed of 200 iso which is good enough for casual photography and excellent for sunny days out and about.

Color as with most Kodak film stocks is warm, with a slight red tint in some cases. Contrast and saturation is dependant on slight over and under-exposure, but is more forgiving on under-exposure than ColorPlus.

Grain might be smaller and tighter packed than Colorplus, but so vaguely that it’s hard to tell. In general it looks different enough that it’s a different film, but in a way that can’t be described and personally I don’t see why Kodak has kept both of these films alive.

As with all budget films this film can be stored outside of a fridge, and used over a long period of time, an Ideal film for travel. 

Camera used: Fujica St705w paired with mostly Helios 44-2 and a few more lenses, shot over a period of one week, stored in room temperature. 

Renars Matvejs 

You can find more about my work my Instagram @spuktalion

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