I Shot a Roll of Ektachrome E100 by Christian Paul

May 1, 2019
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Hey!  My name is Christian, and I am an amateur/hobbyist landscape photographer.  I’ve somewhat gotten into film, and shoot it frequently as of late.  I am no expert on film by any means, yet I feel like I’ve experienced and read enough online to be more than entry level.

Today I want to talk about the new Ektachrome E100.  I heard this came back, yet since I am younger, and a somewhat new photographer I never experienced or knew what the old Ektachrome was.  Yet I was excited to be able to try this film out.  It was an experience I’ve never had with any other roll of film, and after 3 rolls, Ektachrome has become my favorite film I shoot with.  

This film left me with 3 dominant impressions: 

  • First, its sharpness! It is the sharpest and clearest film I have ever used, when I got the results back from my lab I couldn’t believe the detail it contains, and how I can actually zoom in on this film and almost pixel grain peep.

  • Second, the grain, it’s perfect.  It is grainy yes, but very subtle.  It’s not absent like in Ektar, it still gives that nice film look, yet it is so subtle it is the most aesthetically pleasing grain I’ve seen in film.

  • Third, the only negative quality I can think of is that it has a strong blue/cool cast to it.  I would either shoot with a warming filter to counteract this, edit it in post, or use it appropriately in places where a blue cast is appreciated. 

I shot these on my Canon AE-1 with the Canon 28-85mm F/4.  Box speed, no filters or post processing.  

I’m Christian Paul and you can find on Instagram

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  1. These are some of my favorite hikes and photo locations and travel destinations! I think film still better than digital.

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