I Shot a Roll of Kodak ColorPlus 200 by Do Thanh Dat

Apr 16, 2019
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I just started shooting film so I’ll give a short review of Kodak ColorPlus 200 from the perspective of a new member of the film community.

As a new film photographer, here are the TOP 3 reasons that made me choose ColorPlus 200 to start my analog journey:

  1. Most Kodak’s film are known to distinctive yellow hues, and being the longest-established company in the film photography industry, you can’t go wrong with any of their film stocks. From top to the bottom of the shelves all their films are solid options and have nothing to prove.
  2. Being an entry level film, the price for a roll of Kodak ColorPlus 200 is quite cheap at about 3$ for a 36 exposures roll. But it’s not because it’s cheap that you’ll get poor results. On the contrary, it’s certainly one of the best budget film still being made.
  3. It’s a multi-purpose film that can cover almost any situation while giving you a classic vintage look with its warm and yellow tones. ColorPlus 200 is quite versatile, with an is 200 iso index it can be used for shooting in most conditions, even in the evening, only one street lamp is needed, so you can easily create glowing images at slow speeds like 1/4 to 1/8 of a second. 

In short, if you are a beginner film photographer and need a good quality film for practice taking photos in different situations without emptying your waller, you can’t go wrong with ColorPlus 200.

About this series of double exposure, there are many ways to approach this technique, but basically you take 2 photos on the same frame and the second picture will be inserted into the dark part of the first exposure. I often choose scenes that have a clear contrast brightness and colour, such as bright and backlit, black and white to produce the desired picture.

That’s all, the technique is extremely simple, but the hardest thing to get beautiful double exposures is finding the right idea, that will connect both pictures and create a new story that will create a whole new picture in itself. Practice is the only way to learn and progress but you also need to accept defeat, because there will be many attempts before you can define a style that represents yourself.

You can find more about my work and double exposures on Instagram

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