I Shot a Roll of Fujifilm c200 by 2FilmShooters

Fujifilm c200 is one of the cheapest color film on the market, but it is awesome! You can easily find it for less than 4 euros but the quality is not that cheap and you’ll have a hard time finding a better film within this price range

Fujicolor C200 35mm color film samples shot on Yashica t4

As the name says it’s a 200 asa film so is indicated for daylight photography, but if you use a flash is a good friend for the entire day!
Colors are a little bit oversaturated and magenta’s dominant is visible sometimes, but the look is great!

When should you use Fuji c200 film ? Obviously whenever you want, but especially when you have to shoot a lot (is cheap, really cheap) and for family, or travel photography! I use this film with the sunset’s light and at night (with flash of course)

These images were taken with Yashica T4 camera.

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2 Film Shooters

2 film shooters is a project that has been created to promote and experiment film photography. The members are Andrea Camiolo and Alessandro de Bellis, two Italian photography students that are in love with analog photography from 35mm format to large format.
The main thing is that analog photography is still relevant in 2019 and is crucial to learn how to shoot film to become a good photographer and to develop your style.

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