I Shot a Roll of Fujicolor PRO400H by Renars Matvejs

Fujicolor Pro400H became my favourite colour film from the first roll I shot. This color-negative form fujifilm, intended for “professional” use, whatever that means, is a high speed (400iso) fine grain film with great color and sharpness.

Although being 400 iso this film outperforms a lot of 200 speed films in terms of overall sharpness and grain amount. Grain is really smal, almost unnoticable from a distance and organized, not scattered, which helps with sharness and the over all almost digital-like image quality.

Fujicolor PRO400H 35mm Film Sample Fujica St705w

Being 400 iso also gives more flexibility for lighting and helps shoot in not so well lit indoor scenarios. Color is suturated, pastel and creamy, but can attack with huge saturation if there are brightly colored objects in the scene. Colors aren’t exactly as in real life, but pleasant to eye and don’t look like bad instagram filters.

It excels with skin tones and works great for portraits. When over and under-exposed it’s forgiving but contrast and color as well as detail might be lost slightly. For some people this film might need a little bit more saturation, but that can be fixxed if you scan and post-process this film slightly.

This film need to be kept in a cool place but a day or two in a warm room wont harm it too noticeably. 

Camera used: Fujica St705w paired with many different lenses-35mm, shot over a period of one week, kept cool, but not refrigerated

Renars Matvejs 

You can find more about my work my Instagram @spuktalion

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