I Shot a Roll of Fuji Pro 160NS by Trevor Dalton

Apr 13, 2019
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Most people would probably think of a slow portrait oriented film as an unusual choice for night photography. But I’ve found Fuji’s Pro 160NS to be the perfect choice for the task.

I had been shooting Kodak Portra 160 as my go-to for medium format cameras the past few years but was looking for a new low ISO alternative. After some online searching I stumbled upon Fuji’s Pro 160NS film. Unfortunately, no longer sold in the US, I turned to ebay to purchase some rolls to test out. “$38.99 for 5 rolls plus free shipping?” Sold.

After shooting a couple test rolls I realized this was everything I was looking for: Low grain, low contrast, decent dynamic range, and a greener tint than Portra. It was perfect.

Around the same time I had started working on an ongoing series of automotive nighttime photographs. Trying to create cinematic feeling pieces with lighting and locations I could find in the wild.

The Pro 160 was the film for the job. Most would probably opt for a higher speed film but with stationary cars I knew I could get away with the 160. The final images are sharp, cinematic, and exactly how I imagined them. 

Shot with a Fuji GW690II.

Trevor Dalton

You can find more about my work on my website iamtrevordalton.com and Instagram @Iamtrevordalton

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