I Shot a Roll of Fuji C200

Oct 24, 2019
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My name is Jura Zaz, I am an advanced casual photographer who does not get payed in any way, just because I do it for fun and for myself. I used to photograph with early Canon 20D, then Canon 1Ds series, 5D Classic, 5D Mark III, and now with Canon R using L lenses.

As I love to use film simulation filters to add some vintage look I wondered what if try real film and make the decision on my own. My goal is to go through all films and find an absolute favourite. The main point is, shooting film is somewhat unpredictable game and that’s intriguing. Not always you get what you expect.

I shoot on fully manual vintage cameras, german Praktica L and japanese Nikomat EL, I meter exposition with the Pocket Light Meter app on my smartphone. So, after about a year of shooting film, I would like to comment on a Fuji C200 film.

“To me, C200 the best cheap film available”

To me, C200 the best cheap film available. In Eastern Europe you can get it for about 4 euros which is a true bargain. For this little money, Fuji C200 can give you cool tones that translate into smooth, calm, and well balanced images. Yes, it looks kind of easy/ordinary and grainy as hell for an ISO 200 but you can’t expect something bigger from such a price tag. 

Fuji C200 is definitely my favourite against cheap Kodaks, where I can’t really separate Gold from ColorPlus and Ultramax from Kodak Gold. Yet, I have some memorable images with Ultramax 400, in the straight battle between C200 vs ColorPlus, the latter is an absolute mediocrity at it’s worst. However, Kodak really shines at the higher pricing level, but if we talk about film on a budget then you just can’t go wrong with the C200.

All shots taken with Praktica L and 50mm 1.7 Yashica lens.

My instagrams @vhs_goldstar (colour) @riga_streetlife (bnw)

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