I Shot a Roll of FUJI C200 at Hedoné Seminar ‘19

First thing first: check the surroundings.

Since you can’t fully embrace what happens in Wonderland if you don’t get to explore Wonderland first.

It was more as if I was coming from another planet and needed some time to familiarise with this bizarre new universe and its uninhibited and flamboyant inhabitants.

The Opening Ceremony

aka am I dreaming or I am awake?

My skepticism and concerns gave room to a mesmerising sense of belonging and openness. But how could it possibly be something else? Surrounded by hundreds of people in their most beautiful nature-inspired attires, breathing in and out together, joining a liberating dream-like chant in unison and eventually getting down to a catchy tribal rhythm. A midsummer night’s dream at its best.

The post orgasmic chill

aka the smooth and tasteful transition from a great party to another great party.

All those anxieties and worries that normally devour me, simply seemed to have taken a few days off. And if you add this to the great humans I bonded with, the deep conversations, the intense and unpredicted moments, the absolute sense of acceptance and openness, and how energised I felt despite the few hours of sleep, then you must agree with me that stepping out of your comfort zone is something that probably we should do more often.

These shots were taken with my current favourite camera, an old Miranda Sensomat RE with the Auto Miranda 50mm f/1.8 which is my favorite lens for portraits at the moment, loaded with a Fujicolor 200.

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The original article was published here on my website were you can see more pictures from this roll along with a few Lomo CN400 shots.

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