I Shot a Roll of Expired Kodak Gold 200 on Xpan

Sep 14, 2017
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I left Ireland one month ago to return for a while in my hometown: Nice.

This was the opportunity for me to enjoy the end of summer in the south France and try out another expired roll that Sina Farhat kindly sent to me. Today we are shooting an expired roll of Kodak GOLD 200.

With time, the emulsion looses it sensitivity to light and needs to be exposed for a longer time to be well exposed. A general rule with expired color film, is to overexpose by one stop for every 5 years. Here I didn’t judge to be necessary as it was stored in cool condition and not expired for too as far as I remember.

You can still find this film fresh today and it’s relatively inexpensive comparing with quality of images it can deliver. Honestly after looking at these images, I can easily say that Gold 200 is for me one of the best colour film.

In my opinion, it’s warm tones fits perfectly with the late afternoon sun and will enhance the golden tones you can get at this hour.

One thing that was new for me is that’s the first time I gave my rolls to develop and SCAN by a professional lab. At the moment I’m in Finland helping the guys from Kameratori.com on a special project and they kindly took care of my roll. If you need to buy gear, this is the perfect place to look at. They have +3000 item in stock and their service is just amazing. This is a bunch of passionate people live for analog photography so make to check them out!

It’s been a very long time since I haven’t been so happy with the results of a colour film. On many occasion I’ve been wanting to quit shooting colour because the tones would never look right. This might have just convinced me to keep shooting more colour film!

So a HUGE THANK YOU at Kameratori and its staff for the great work you did with my negatives!

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