I Shot a Roll of Adox Scala 160 by Murphy Mortician

Apr 18, 2019
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I am Murphy Mortician, a photographer based in Reykjavik, Iceland. 

So far I shot only one roll of the Scala 160 (halfway through the second one) but can already say that I am a fan of it! The fact that it is a black and white slide film makes it a rarity in my book and adds to the excitement when shooting.

Being a slide film it has to be exposed correctly, it is easy to blow out highlights or lose details in the shadows, tho I feel the latter is less of a problem for me, as I always push my black and white negatives – usually to 1600 or 3200 iso – so I was very pleased to see that the Adox Scala 160 is a rather contrasty! It also has a graphite-like look to it in some cases which I am very happy with.

Unfortunately I have only seen the scans from the roll but not the slides itself, as developing is a bit of an issue at the moment. It has to be sent to dedicated labs that process black and white slides but Adox will release developing kits for small amounts of rolls so we would be able to experiment with it ourselves! I would definitely recommend this wonderful film for everyone to try!

Camera Combo: Voigtlander Bessa R3M + Voigtlander Heliar 50 f3.5 101th Anniversary Edition 

You can find more about my work on blackstairs.co and Instagram

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