Hilarious & Inspiring Parodies of 11 Famous Photographs

Apr 2, 2020
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If you can’t go to the museum,
bring the museum to you

I have been doing photography since 2014, right after watching the movie “The Salt of the Earth” by Wim Wenders.

As soon as I left the cinema, I bought a film camera and since then I’ve never left my house without a camera. It changes everything about having it on you. My eye is attracted to beautiful things, the unusual or the funny.

Because of the confinement and living alone, I started going around in circles. Last Sunday, I felt particularly locked up. My head was spinning. I thought to myself that I had to find something that occupied me and that filled my loneliness a little. So I had this idea of ​​parodying famous photographs of artists I admire.

Afghan Girl – Steve McCurry

Self Portrait – Vivian Maier

Gun 1 – William Klein

I love going to the museum and not being able to go there, I decided to create it at home. I shared them just to make my loved ones laugh and then a lot of people started relaying them and sending me thank you messages that said it had done them good.

Benidorm, Spain – Martin Parr

Jeff Mermelstein

Marine iguana, Galápagos – Sebastião Salgado

Rhein II – Andreas Gursky

I think this series shows that feeling outside is not just about going through a door. It shows that we can find interesting, light and new things to do even using objects that we come across everyday. When I sent the series to my father, he said to me: “The work of art is in the gaze of those who know how to see the permanence of the gaze of artists in the banality of everyday life.” I think he summed it up.

In any case, it made me want to do others, I feel less alone and it makes people laugh.

Dog Dogs – Elliott Erwitt

Invasion 68: Prague – Josef Koudelka

Death of a Loyalist Soldier – Robert Capa

Place de l’Europe, Gare Saint Lazare, Paris – Henri Cartier-Bresson

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