Fake Fujifilm 35mm Color Film Found in Japan

Jun 25, 2019
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Fujifilm Japan has just announced they have discovered someone is ilegaly selling their motion picture films as standard color negative film.

The problem is that cine films require a special handling to remove the remjet layer, like CineStill is doing for us with their 800T film which is actually Kodak Vision3 500T. If you hand over one of these to your local lab, make sure they can process it as it should (ECN-2 process) and won’t develop it in a minilab as it will contaminate their chemicals and probably ruins all your pictures and maybe someone’s else.

While some people are already selling hand-spooled Fujifilm cine films, these guys let us believe that it’s actually packed by Fujifilm themselves with a packaging directly inspired from their ETERNA VIVID 250D which is a daylight balanced cine film.

Here’s a translation of their official announcement:

Dear customers,

Thank you for your continued support of our film products.
It has been found that “a non-genuine 35mm film product illegally using FUJIFILM logo” (see attached photo) packed with movie film (* 1) has been brought to a development handling shop in Japan. These are the fraudulent use of our logo, not the products we offer.

Please note that these products are packed with movie 35mm movie film inside and can not be developed with the normal color negative film development process (CN-16, C-41). If the photo shop develops, it may contaminate the developer and it may be necessary to change the solution and to clean the rack of the developing machine, which may lead to development failure of other customers’ films. In order to avoid these risks, the shop will refuse the development of non-genuine products.
We are not responsible for any problems caused by such non-regular films. In addition, we have already implemented this warning notice to developing film handling shops and processing facilities for general purpose films.

Besides 250D in the attached photo, there may be different types such as 64D, 250T and 500T.

In this example, there is a display of “shooting” which means “movie” in Chinese. There is no description of “image” on our regular 35mm patrone type.

Thank you for your continued support of our film products.

Example of “35mm film non-genuine product illegally using FUJIFILM logo” packed with movie film

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2 Replies to “Fake Fujifilm 35mm Color Film Found in Japan”

  1. This is interesting. It is labeled to what is actually in it. I guess the faked part is the attempt to give the impression that Fuji spooled and sold it for this purpose. Does it tell the proper chemical process to develop it in?

    1. The problem is indeed they don’t claim it should be processed as cine film, hence risking problems if labs develop it in standard minilabs

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