5 Reasons To Buy A Contax T2

Feb 2, 2018
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A few days ago I went on short break in Italy. The goal was to discover the Cinque Terre in Italy but even off-season, accommodations are really expensive if you stay in one of the 5 villages so instead, we’ve decided to go a few kilometers further and stayed in the city of La Spezia.

This was the perfect opportunity for me to discover this city and finally try out the famous Contax T2 that I got recently. But before hitting the streets of La Spezia, loaded with a roll of Kodak TX400, we went for lunch at a restaurant called Vicolo Intherno, where we had the best seafood risotto ever for only 12€ per person…

I know it has nothing to do with film but it had to be said! So if you’re around there make sure to pay them a visit and thank me later.

Back to our business, shooting with the T2 was a very enjoyable experience and I’m going to give the 5 reasons why you should try it out before it’s too late…yes because one day game will be over!

Contax T2 close up

1. The lens is amazing

As soon as the 38mm f/2.8 Sonar lens from Carl Zeiss pull its head out when you switch on the camera, you know that it’s not here to joke. This is some serious piece of glass that you have in hand and the sharp photos that you can get out of it have nothing to be shy of when compared to high-end lenses found on premium SLRs or Rangefinders.

The aperture ring located on the lens is one of the smoothest things to manipulate. The clicks between each stop are subtle but firm and you don’t feel like the lens is going to break down in your hands.

For more compact cameras using the famous Carl Zeiss T* lenses, have a look at my article 13 Point & Shoot Film Cameras With Zeiss Lens.

2. You will want to shoot more

With the T2 you’re going to burn some film, I guarantee it! There are some cameras that have a special aura and this is one of them. Every time I hold it, I instantly feel like shooting. This may be explained by the fact that it has probably one of the best glass that can be found on a point and shoot camera. The build quality is also outstanding and you can tell that this camera was made with professional photographers in mind.

3. You can bring it everywhere

Even if a bit chunky, its compact size and collapsible lens makes it the perfect camera to carry around. Always ready to shoot and capture the moment. You switch it on with a simple push on the dial that falls under your thumb and it’s set to shoot in autofocus.

This makes it the perfect companion for travel, street photography or everyday life when you want to freeze the moment with an easy to use camera and without fiddling with settings and focusing. I usually leave it on f/5.6 and let it take care of the rest.

4. They are getting rare

Most electronics point and shoot cameras have one major drawback is that they tend to break down at some point. The lack of spare parts makes them difficult and expensive to get fixed when it’s not simply impossible. So grab one while you still can and have the pleasure to shoot with this piece of history.

At the moment prices start at 600-700€ on eBay but got a little crazy on Amazon so grab one before they become too rare!

5 – It’s made for everyone

While having most of the controls an experienced photographer would except, the Contax T2 can also be placed in the hands of your family and friends without having to explain them the fundamentals of Photography! Set it to P mode (on f/2.8) and the camera will do its best to capture the best images it can get.

It’s very accessible and even if it was aimed at pro photographers, everyone can shoot with a T2. Another reason to bring one everywhere with you.

I hope these will finish to convince you to give this camera a try. In case you aren’t entirely sold, there are great alternatives to the Contax T2 and if you are looking for other premium point and shoot film cameras I’d suggest having a look at these ones too Leica Minilux,Nikon 35Ti, Fujifilm Klasse W, Ricoh GR1, Minolta TC-1. All of them offer some serious performance and won’t disappoint you even if they all have their flaws at some point.

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