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Feb 18, 2020
3 min read

A Shy Nature Photographer Photographs Strangers In A Park

I headed to the park with a “FREE PORTRAITS!” sign During autumn, a photographer friend of mine once asked me if I would like to start a project with her to photograph strangers despite that I have hardly any experience in

Oct 24, 2019
4 min read


Earlier this month, Ilford took us by surprise with a teaser showing new film coming in three different formats which we can guess are 135, 120 and 8x10. Ilford was nice enough to give us some hints on their Twitter feed and



Jul 2, 2019
3 min read

I Shot a Roll of HP5+ at ISO 12800 (5 Stops Push)

I am a big fan of experimenting with what film can take, to see its limits, particularly when it comes to pushing it. I found that Ilford’s HP5+ is one of the widest latitude black and white films one could buy and get usea

Mar 29, 2019
2 min read

I Shot a Roll of Ilford Delta 3200 by Renars Matvejs

Ilfords Delta line of films is for a more specific use, available at iso 100, 400 and 3200. More expensive than HP5+ and also slightly harder to work with in general. In this case I chose to shoot with the EI3200 film. This i

Mar 7, 2019
2 min read

I Shot a Roll of Ilford XP2 by Renars Matvejs

Ilford XP2 is a unique black and white film that was meant to be developed with color film developers. For me this is perfect, because my local shop charges less for color film developing. This film behaves very nicely in any

Mar 6, 2019
2 min read

I Shot a Roll of Ilford HP5+ pulled to EI200 by Renars Matvejs

Ilford is a well known company in b&w film market. HP5+ is one of their most popular film stocks today because of it's flexibility as a good all-around black and white film, both for casual and professional use. For the c



Jul 25, 2016
2 min read

Film Review: ILFORD HP5 135 – Leica M6

This time let’s look at some images shot with the famous ILFORD HP5 400 on a Leica M6. This film is praised among many photographers who like to shot in black and white so we’ll see if it deserves its fame. I previously re

Jul 24, 2016
3 min read

Film Review: ILFORD HP5 120

This is the first roll of film I ever shot and that made me sell of my digital gear and switch entirely to film! It took long for me to make such a radical move! By the time I got this roll developed, I still had all my digita