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Mar 10, 2020
10 min read

Developing B&W Film – 7 Tips To Do It Well

Internet is full of tutorials on how to develop your black and white film but few highlight the important parts that make it work, or show you how to make savings and/or improve quality. These tips are based on a classic devel

Feb 5, 2020
6 min read

I Shot a Roll of Lomography Colour 800 at ISO 3200 by Bas Schurink

Pushing Lomo 800 to ISO 3200with Rodinal Pre-Flash While planning my visit to Rijksmuseum at Amsterdam, I couldn't make up my mind and kept wondering which film to use: Should I bring Portra 400 or maybe Portra 800? Should

Feb 14, 2018
5 min read

How to Develop Washi Film V

Washi Film V is probably the most special film announced in 2017 and I've had the privilege to be present when Lomig, the founder of Washi Film, introduced it at the Salon de la Photo in Paris last year. Since then I have always

Jan 15, 2018
3 min read

Pushing Kodak Tri-X 400 to 6400

Today we are developing a roll of Kodak TX400 shot at 6400 ISO. I've been wanting to try this little experience for a while now. Some films are known for handling push processing very well and Kodak TX400 is one of them. Lots

May 29, 2017
4 min read

Comparing 4 B&W Film Development Techniques

Since I've started to develop Black & White film myself, I haven't been experiencing much with developers and techniques but that's changing today! We are going to look at how a developer, dilution and developing time can

May 21, 2017
10 min read

How to Develop Slide Film with Tetenal Colortec E6 Kit

Today and for the first time on One Year With Film Only, we have a guest author : Sina Farhat! He loves to play with expired slide films and has a lot to share with us about how to develop E6 film at home Using The Tetenal Co

Apr 18, 2017
7 min read

How to Scan Film Negatives – Colour + B&W

Today, for most film photographers, scanning film has often replaced the darkroom or printing process. While it's certainly not the most interesting part in the life of a film photographer, most of us want to share our analog gem

Apr 18, 2017
10 min read

5 Best Film Scanners Under 200$

Scanning film at home is probably the least attractive part of shooting with analog cameras but that doesn't mean you should neglect this stage. Nowadays, we all want to share our analog images online and the only way to do that

Apr 1, 2017
8 min read

How to Develop Black & White Film

There are as many techniques to develop black & white film than there are photographers. Today I'm showing you how I process my BW film at home: Today I'm going to show how

Mar 23, 2017
5 min read

Film Soup! Cook Your Roll Like a Chef

Today We Are Making Film Soup! For those of you who've never heard of Film Soup before, don't worry, it has nothing to do with the soup from your childhood nightmares! It's basically a technique were you voluntary damage a fil



Mar 16, 2017
5 min read

Pushing & Developing C41 Colour Film

I finally did it! After sitting in my fridge for a few months, I managed to developed myself a roll of CineStill 800 pushed two stops at 3200 ISO and the results look great! It was intimidating at first but I was being overly

Mar 14, 2017
4 min read

How to Develop Film With Beer

It's Saint Patrick's Day, you ran out of B&W developer, all stores are closed down and the only thing you can find is beer. Nothing worse could happen but don't worry we have THE solution to develop your roll of film. Y



Mar 12, 2017
5 min read

Develop Colour Film with Tetenal Colortec C-41 kit

Today we are developing colour film. It’s a first time for me but I’m sure it will be alright! It's something I've been wanting to do for a long time but I was afraid of messing up as it requires more care and precision th



Feb 21, 2017
4 min read

How to get sharp, crisp, B&W photos on film

If you want sharp black and white images with fine grain, then you are on the right page my friend! I'm a bit of a freak in terms of image quality and I love very detailed photos. That's why I've been searching for a good comb

Feb 1, 2017
5 min read

Edit Colour Film Negatives in Photoshop Like a Pro

Scanning colour negative is without a doubt the most irritating part of the film photograhy workflow. Since I started to shoot with film, it has been the source of great frustration, especially in terms of colour rendition. E

Jan 25, 2017
6 min read

Stand Development Tutorial Ilfotec DD-X & Kodak TX400

After a first successful experience with stand development, I couldn't resist the urge to try this technique with another film. The lucky guy today is the reliable Kodak Tri-X 400! In case you are not familiar with Tri-X yet,

Jan 16, 2017
6 min read

Stand Development Tutorial Ilfotec DD-X & Fomapan 400

The World of analog photography keeps surprising me every day a bit more! I recently read about a technique called Stand Development so I have decided to try it myself. For those of who never heard of it before, let me explain yo