Category: Leica

Apr 14, 2020
12 min read

Leica M6 10 Questions Review

The Leica M6 is probably one of the most desired film camera but for many people shooting with a rangefinder is something new. With that come many questions and some of them that you can't really anticipate without having one in

Mar 13, 2020
7 min read

Are You a Leica OR Zeiss Person? Leica M6 vs Contax T3

This might sound like a strange comparison and you must be wondering (rightfully) what kind of crack have I smoked to put the Leica M6 and Contax T3 against each others! These two cameras have nothing in common. One is a mecha

Dec 3, 2019
10 min read

HOW TO: Sunny 16 & Zone Focus on a Leica M3

The recent acquisition of a Leica M3 has taken my film photography journey to a new destination! I honestly never thought that shooting a 60 years old camera, offering only the bare essentials to take pictures, would bring someth



Jan 17, 2019
23 min read

14 Point & Shoot Leica Film Cameras – From 60 to +2000$

Cheap and Leica are not often seen in the same sentence. When thinking about the red dot, we usually imagine how many months or even years it would take to get one of those iconic rangefinders. But there’s also another way to e

May 24, 2017
6 min read

Things you should know before Buying A Leica M or Rangefinder

Today I want to share with you my thoughts on the Leica M and more generally the Rangefinder system. When I sold all my digital equipment to make a permanent switch to analog camera I went for a Rangefinder camera. The obvious ch