Author: Vincent Morla

Light is a living language. It uses colors as a vocabulary, it combines with shadows, it must comply with the grammar of forms. Our entire lives follow its history, its writing and its reading. And as for the coldness of the spelling, it is strangely capable of conveying emotion, of delivering a message. The etymology of past events, the gibberish of multiple future scenarios, it traces, is erased and corrected. It is what we make of it. "Enlightened" or "bright" will use it to prove the existence of God or to fuel scientific discoveries. Through the filter of my personality, I chose to see and then show that it can be tender, dreamlike and sometimes whimsical.
Apr 2, 2020
2 min read

Hilarious & Inspiring Parodies of 11 Famous Photographs

If you can't go to the museum, bring the museum to you I have been doing photography since 2014, right after watching the movie "The Salt of the Earth" by Wim Wenders. As soon as I left the cinema, I bought a film camera a