Author: Robert Chestnut

My name is Robert Chestnut, I am an artist, teacher, and photographer. I live on Ocracoke Island North Carolina. My interest in photography started when I purchased a Minolta srt101 from a thrift store back in 1998. In college back in 2008, I was enrolled in a photography program that gave me a renewed interest in 35mm film. I think I was the last of the college newspaper staff to be issued a film camera. I tried digital for a while when I was out of college. I don’t mind the look of digital. I am a film photographer because I like the process. I like that I can take a photo without electronics. There is nothing better in the world than developing your film yourself and looking at the fresh negatives.
May 9, 2019
2 min read

I Shoot a Roll of Kodak T-Max 400 by Robert Chestnut

Most people think of Kodak Trix 400 when they think of black and white film. After all It is the ak47 of film. While I love using Trix 400, I prefer using Trix’s younger brother Kodak T-Max 400. I enjoy the look high contra