Author: Florian Merlet

Hello! My name is Florian, a french amateur film photographer based in Hamburg, Germany. I started film photography in 2016 and this was a turning point to me. Since then I sold all my digital gear and I keep exploring all the possibilities that film photography can to offer. 
Aug 6, 2020
1 min read

I Shot a Roll of Kodak Ektar 100 Pushed +2 Stops by Florian Merlet

I Shot a Roll of Kodak Ektar 100 Pushed @400 ISO My office location is the opportunity to explore a 70’s business district from Hamburg: City Nord. Inhospitable but essential for white collars like me who are in need of food

Nov 5, 2019
3 min read

I Shot a Roll of Agfa Vista 400 by Florian Merlet

Finding your daily film stock is one of the many questions I came across. I started with the classic google search “best 35mm colour film stock”… As you can imagine, I have concluded from this research that Portra 400 w