Author: Adrien Lhommedieu

Hi Adrien Lhommedieu here,

I'm a director of commercials, music videos and films. I take photo too.

I like nature and spiritual stuff, and I'm always looking for a emotion in my work. I define myself as "romantic soul".

Everything influences me : graphic novels, comics, cinema, music, litterature, video games, travels, art, people, J-pop...

If you can't prononce my name, just call me Adrien.

Find more about my projects here: @adrienlhommedieu & @atlasoftheshiningones
May 1, 2020
7 min read

ANAMORPHOSE – Shooting Anamorphic On Film

Why & How I Shot an Anamorphic Lens on a Film Camera? In my everyday life, I'm a director. I write and stage commercials, video clips, and fictions. But photography has always taken a great part in my artistic explorat