Another Round of Ferrania P30 Out In The wild

Nov 13, 2019
2 min read

Here’s a news that will spark joy among the aficionados of black & white cine film! Ferrania is coming up with a third fresh batch of their resurrected Ferrania P30.

In case you missed your chance on the two previous batches, and live in Italy, Foto Ottica Cavour, an official Leica reseller based in Milano, has just listed a few rolls of P30 on their website. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to ship outside Italy and there’s been no communication from Ferrania themselves on availability outside Italy. I just checked Ferrania own shop page which leads to a dead end right now but I’m not loosing hope surely a few rolls of P30 will soon find their way to our favourite film resellers.

For what I could read in the comments of their Facebook post, they seem to be the first ones who got their hands on these fresh rolls and stock seems limited so it’s better not waiting too long if you finally want a chance to try this contrasty film.

If you’re not up to date:

“FERRANIA P30® is an 80 ISO panchromatic black & white motion picture film for still photography, and reintroduces the legendary P30 film produced by Ferrania during the 1960s.With its cinema pedigree, ultrafine grain, and very high silver content, FERRANIA P30 has no peers in the modern analog film market.”

The company was reawakened during a successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2017, and it seems that since then they’ve been able to produce one batch per year of P30 which ran out of stock, both times, pretty swiftly.

It’s a film that I’ve been wanting to try since a while now and still whip myself for missing my chance when it came out so I’ll keep an eye open this time and please let me know below if you’ve find a reseller shipping to France 🙏

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