A Matter of Respect.

Jun 27, 2019
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   My friends at Street Candy have given me the opportunity to officially launch my analog photography section over at IAMPHOTOLOGIC.COM exclusively shot with Street Candy ATM 400. After a decade of using digital cameras as my main artistic tool, I decided to challenge myself and understand photography as a whole and from its roots.

   With today’s technology, the need of digital photography has been over saturated with iPhones and other user-friendly photographic electronics. Consequently, diluting the essence of this noble, yet sophisticated art form. Gigabytes and megapixels have taken over preparation, technique and critical thinking.

  Therefore, I’ve decided to take on the task of not letting this medium and its traditions vanish from our day-to-day lives. I felt like it was a matter of showing respect, respect to this wonderful art form that has brought me a lot of joy, and a lot of memories that I’ll forever hold dearly in my heart and hard drive.

   My art work is minimalistic and monochromatic, I’ve always felt like color is often unnecessary and sometimes an easy route to get the eye’s attention, very few artist can portray or transfer ideas by using the right colors. When you shoot black and white you eliminate that distraction and make the eye holder focus on the feeling or message that the artist wants to transmit.

 “When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their souls!”- Ted Grant

   What other better way to keep all my ideals balanced by loading up a Street Candy ATM 400 to my Pentax K1000 and try follow the steps of the greats like; Fan Ho, Arno Minkkinen, and Alfred Stieglitz. I still have a lot to learn, although as an artist and human being I constantly strive to be the best student I can be. I decided to launch the analog photography section on my website by showcasing my home city, Laredo, [luh.rey.doh] Texas. This border town city located in the southern area of the United States is a peculiar, yet thriving city with a lot of history and potential. 

   After going through my firsts rolls of ATM 400, I can say that this is a film with a lot of character and with a lot to offer. The contrast and the grain are definitely my favorite features, creating a mood that makes you appreciate the moment itself. The only technical setback I had was loading the film into my developing tank, although I’ll put the blame on my overall inexperience and my lack of shooting 36 frame rolls (I usually used to buy expired 12 frame sample rolls off eBay), but I’ll surely over come this hump with patience and practice!

   I’m really excited for taking this step in my artistic career and I’m looking forward to share more ideas, personal progress, and photo-concepts with you guys in the near future. I highly thank Vincent and everybody at Street Candy Film for giving me an opportunity to share a part of me on this platform as well as for believing in my vision and what I bring to the table. Also, a big thank you to all my colleagues world wide for not letting film die, the future will thank us. 



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